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Giant Telecom Limited

Founded in 1988, Giant Telecom Limited is a member of Elite Industrial Holding Co., Limited develops professional OEM / ODM wireless communications and consumer electronics. Our company has obtained the certificate of ISO9001, meeting internationally recognized quality standards.

Our company is headquartered in Hong Kong, with a research and development center located in Dongguan. We are committed to a wide range of product development, diversified business, and pursue scientific and technological innovation. We have developed FRS (walkie-talkie) for the US brand Cobra Electronics and supplied to the chain stores and the specialty stores in United States and Canada.

We continuously undertake research and develop on innovative products, and launched the world's first fully waterproof, dustproof (Level IP67) and floats walkie-talkie in 2012. It was popular in the markets, and become the best-seller in the large chain stores. In 2014, we have launched the walkie-talkie with Bluetooth wireless call and control technology, which was the most advanced radio communications products in the market.

With our professional market research and sales team, Giant Telecom Limited is the expert of the ever-changing mobile and Internet communications development, and has successfully developed a series of high-quality wireless voice communications products, including headphones and professional hands-free calling system through collaboration with some international known brands, and have successfully launched in the market.

"Break through the framework, optimize the operation environment, change amid stability" is business concept of Giant Telecom.

Our company will continue to make good use of the global platform to enhance the efficiency of operations, expand the business opportunities and develop more market-leading products.

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