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Elite Machinery Holdings Limited

Elite Machinery Holdings Limited was founded by Mr. Liu Yong Ling in the early 80s, mainly focus on the development, manufacture and sales of Plastic Injection Molding Machines. Our company have led the innovation, strive for perfection over the past 30 years, and now has become the leading manufacturer in domestic large-scale injection molding machine and die-casting machine, serving customers with high quality, high efficiency products and excellent quality service to meet all their needs.
Elite Machinery Holdings Limited has established a large and well-equipped processing and assembly base in China, with 9 processing centers imported from Japanese, 30 different types of CNC equipment, 50 processing equipment; our company employs more than 600 employees, and with an annual manufacturing capacity of about 4,000 units of various types of injection molding machines.
Our headquarter is based in Hong Kong, with a number of production bases located in Dongguan, Shaoguan and Changshu. Our subsidiaries include:

Elite Precision Machinery Co., Limited

Elite Precision Machinery Co. Limited is the headquarter of Elite Machinery Holdings Limited, located in Hong Kong, mainly engages in import and export business.

Elite Machinery (Dongguan) Co., Limited

Elite Machinery (Dongguan) Co. Limited was built at the end of 2005, covers about 20,000 square meters, specializes to produce hydraulic clamping precision injection molding machine for EH series, with clamping force tonnage from 410T to 5500T. Our design and development department has over 100 employees to provide all-rounded conceptualization, design and support to our customers.

Elite Machinery (Shaoguan) Co., Limited

Shaoguan Elite Machinery Co. Limited was built in 1993, located in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, covers 30,000 square meters. Started from 2015, our company has transformed to produce the direct pressure injection molding machine assembly of EH series, with clamping force tonnage below 410T.

Elite Precision Machinery (Changshu) Co., Limited

Changshu Elite Precision Machinery Co. Limited was built in August 2007, covers area of about 40,000 square meters, mainly engages in high-precision all-electric injection molding machine and cold chamber die-casting machine production, and injection molding machine parts processing.

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